Nominating Committee

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Signup Deadline: 01-29-2021
Starts: 02-01-2021
Ends: 12-31-2023



The Nominating Committee is responsible for adopting procedures for vetting potential candidates and performing due diligence according to such procedures. The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members to the Society‚Äôs Leadership Council, Chapter Governors, and Interest Group Governors.  View the full committee charter


  • Nominates prospective Leadership Council members and officers, and chapter and interest group governors;
  • Evaluates and assesses prospective Leadership Council members and officers to fill vacancies, ensuring the council has the right talent mix in terms of energy, skills, perspectives and diversity to address the needs of the organization. The evaluation and assessment will differ for different roles. The role of the President-elect requires the highest level of diligence, which includes in-person interviews;
  • Engages leadership council, as well as chapter and interest group governors to identify successors for their roles;
  • Interviews chapter governors to ensure they understand expectations, and makes recommendations to Managing Governors;
  • Interviews and recommends prospective candidates for Interest Group Governors to the Leadership Council;
  • Sets up the interview schedule for candidates;
  • Provides tactful and professional feedback to prospective volunteers throughout the selection and appointment process, including suggestions for candidate development for future leadership roles;
  • Understands the roles, responsibilities, and skills required to be a successful Leadership Council member or officer and chapter or interest group governor;
  • Works with Leadership Council, staff and other appropriate committees to develop strategies to strengthen relationships with prospective leaders to help ensure a robust pipeline for the Nominating Committee to consider;
  • Drafts and submits meeting minutes to Society staff within 10 business days of any meeting;
  • The Nominating Committee is accountable to the Leadership Council.
  • Nominating Committee members meet virtually as required and in person at In2Risk and the Leadership Summit. The committee may also conduct some of its business by e-mail.
  • A majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the affirmative vote of a majority of those present shall be necessary for any action by the Committee. 
  • The Nominating Committee Chair shall serve for a term of three years and is limited to one term.


Nominating Committee members are identified through an open call for qualified volunteers. Selection is based on these qualifications.

  • Must be a CPCU designation holder or an individual working towards their CPCU designation;
  • Must be a CPCU Society member for at least 3 years;
  • Must be able to attend and self-fund the Leadership Summit and the Annual Meeting;
  • Must have extensive CPCU Society service;
  • Must have the ability to engage, deliberate, and support the consensus in a civil and objective manner;
  • Successful members will be strategic, and have a high degree of emotional intelligence;
  • Must have an understanding of the skills and attributes of successful candidates for Leadership Council members, Officers, Chapter Governors, and Interest Group Governors.
  • Has the ability to work independently and virtually to complete deliverables as required by the Society;
  • The work of the Nominating Committee is confidential. Each committee member must be able to maintain confidentiality on all discussions, interviews and any other work of the committee;

Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

7 - 10 Years Industry Experience


Valerie Cammiso