Mentor Match FAQs

Is there a fee?

                              No, the Mentor Match program is a free program for CPCU Society members. This is a benefit that reflects the Society’s continued commitment to growing and strengthening your professional development.

I'm trying to request a Mentor or Mentee--but the button isn't working!
                              This is probably because your Mentor or Mentee profile isn't completed, including your date availability at the bottom of the profile. Please click here for Mentee Profile or here for Mentor Profile and ensure your profile is complete.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

                              Once a Mentee has completed their profile, they’ll be directed to search for a Mentor in the Mentor Directory. Only Mentors who have completed their profiles will show up in this list. A Mentee will be able to click on the Mentor Request button. The Mentor will receive an email with the Mentee’s information and be able to accept or decline the request.

 What is the time commitment?

                              The program is flexible to meet the diverse needs of our members. We recommend meeting with your mentor or mentee at least twice a month for a minimum of six months for best results.

 What are the expectations?

                              We encourage both mentees and mentors to take the initiative in reaching out, establishing the relationship and setting appropriate goals, having realistic expectations, being honest and communicative, and expressing appreciation. We’ve developed a Best Practices Guide that will be shared by email with Mentors and Mentees who complete their profile. This will provide more advice on how to have a productive and valuable mentoring experience.

 My Mentor/Mentee isn’t responding—can I get a new one?

                              We encourage you to reach out to your Mentor or Mentee once the relationship has been accepted in the program details. If you do not hear from them within one to two weeks, you can search the directory and request another Mentor.

 Can I count these hours toward continuing education?

                            Yes. You can report up to 6 hours of CE for CPCU in Good Standing per reporting cycle for mentoring (either being a mentor or being a mentee, but not both.) Right now, you will need to manually report these hours, but we are working on auto-reporting capabilities.

Can I have more than one Mentor/Mentee?

                              Yes, Mentees may find that having more than one Mentor is helpful for them depending on their career stage and Mentor specialties. We do not recommend having more than three Mentors or Mentees at a time, due to time constraints.

Can I be a Mentee if I am also a Mentor?

                              Yes, absolutely. You may be mentoring someone in one area that you specialize in, but want to grow your expertise in another area. You can fill out the Mentee profile and seek out a Mentor for that new area of expertise.

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