Leadership Council

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Signup Deadline: 03-31-2021
Starts: 01-01-2022
Ends: 12-31-2024


Earning a leadership role at the CPCU Society is a unique opportunity to develop your professional leadership skills and is a key to the success of the Society.  Please read the description and expectations of this role before completing the application. 

The Leadership Council provides strategic direction and stewardship for the CPCU Society, and creates policy for the Leadership Council. 

  • Develops a strategic plan. Identifies and requests resources to execute the plan;
  • Develops an annual operating plan of programs for professional members
  • Provides input and direction to the Board of Directors;
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Society’s dues and assessments;
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Society’s policies;
  • Recommends procedures to facilitate the consideration of applicants for membership in the Society to the Board of Directors;
  • Receives reports of the Society’s Board of Directors, committees and other volunteer groups;
  • Establishes interest groups, standing and ad hoc committees, as well as task forces;
  • Appoints chairs and members to the Leadership Council’s standing and ad hoc committees and task forces
  • Identify potential Leadership Council members as successors to the Nominating Committee; and
  • Transacts other business as may properly come before the Leadership Council.
  •  A current, active CPCU Society member
  • Ability to think strategically, leaving operations to the professional staff
  • Ability to engage, deliberate, and support consensus in a civil and objective manner
  • Ability to oversee the Society's business and affairs for the benefit of its members
  • Capacity to devote sufficient time to the Society's business
  • Knows the organization's mission, policies, programs and needs, and supports the strategic vision of the Society
  • Must be able to self-fund annual attendance and registration at the Leadership Summit and In2Risk meetings
  • Commits to presiding over one chapter conferment or installation of officers each year
  • The work of the Leadership Council may be confidential. Each Leadership Council member must be able to maintain confidentiality on its work.
  • The President & Chair, President-Elect and Immediate Past President serve a one (1) year term in office.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer serves a three (3) year term.
  • The President-Elect automatically succeeds to the office of President & Chair following the conclusion of his or her term.
  • The President & Chair automatically succeeds to the office of Immediate Past President following the conclusion of his or her term.
  • Members at large serve a three (3) year term on the Leadership Council, or until such time as their successors are elected. 
New Members of the Leadership Council and its officers begin their term January 1st of the year immediately following their election.


Qualified members interested in serving on the Leadership Council as an officer or member at large should complete an application that is submitted to the Nominating Committee for consideration. The Nominating Committee will recommend to the Leadership Council a slate of candidates for consideration. Upon approval by the Leadership Council, the slate of candidates will be presented to the professional members for election. Elections of new members and officers will be held prior to the Society's In2Risk meeting.

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Kim Nicholl-Keane
CPCU Society